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 At Tradesmen Builders Taos our mission is not only about creating lasting beautiful work, but also about creating lasting relationships...
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We would like to thank all of our affiliates, suppliers, and subcontractors; without whom none of our projects would be possible:

Bob's Yard                                   Rio Costilla LSA Mill                      Casa Cristal Pottery
Plumbing Express, LLC                Granite Concepts                             Peoples Bank
Maes Electric                                Dan's Flooring                                Centinel Bank of Taos
Holly Mechanical                          Randall Lumber and Hardware        BIN/ RLI/CBIC
PPC Solar                                    Dahl Plumbing                                 Rugby Quality Hardwoods
Serna's Rock and More                SLV Building Components
Gabe Quintana Excavation            Questa Flooring
George Rael's Dirtworks               Southside Copies
Taos Gravel (Perovich)                 ABC Lock and Safe
MTC Sand and Gravel                 Questa Accounting Services
Medina's Sand and Gravel             Guillermo Lopez
Bobby Ortega                               Rio Grande Ace Hardware
Handmade Plaser Pigments           Vargas Tile Company
Flyod's Yard                                 Mitango Wall
Questa Lumber and Hardware       Sievers Construction
Olguin's Sawmill                             Southwest Spiral Design

Current (2014) Projects:

The Clayton Cabin, El Rito, NM-

Tradesmen Builders Framing 1 Tradesmen Taos Framing 2
Tradesmen Builders ceiling frame T & G Ceiling Tradesmen Taos General Contractor
Taos Kiva Fireplace Tradesmen Builders Taos Solar Tradesmen Builders
Tradesmen Builders Cabin 1